Jul 30, 2013

Bridal Beauty Series: Old Hollywood Glamour

Award season is right around the corner, and the red carpet is full of fashion and beauty inspiration. The “Old Hollywood Glamour” look of the 40s-60s is re-visited time and time again because of it’s simplicity and elegance. Now with a multitude of modern formulas and textures available to makeup artists, the look can have longevity and comfort as well as glamor.

 The old Hollywood look is a great option for bridal beauty. You can adjust this look easily to suit your comfort level. Since this look is neutral, you can change it up from ceremony to reception, i.e. start with a nude lip, and go for a bolder red lip for the reception.

Nude Lips

Red Lips

Key Ingredients:

    Marilyn Monroe
  • False lashes: Lashes should be longest at the outer corners, to lengthen the eyes
  • A Full Red Lip: Lips were often over-drawn, especially in the forties, and were quintessential to the makeup of that era
  • Thick Liner: Black liquid liner extended just beyond the natural lash line, creating the “bedroom eyes” look made famous by Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe  

       Rita Hayworth
Here are some modern examples of the look.  Always try out your makeup in pictures before you commit entirely to it. If you already have a longer eye-shape, you may not want to look “sleepy” in your wedding pictures. If you have rounder, more bulbous eyes, this look might be a great option for you.
Kiera Knightely  
Taylor Swift  
Amy Adams 
Get inspired by Old Hollywood Glamour, it is a great bridal beauty look for any bride. 

Face Time with Daniela
Daniela is a freelance makeup artist based in Toronto, Canada