Dec 18, 2014

Beauty Snapshot- Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer re-affirmed her icon status with her honest and sassy interview for Allure this month. Jennifer is often idealized for her hair and style, but I don't think her makeup gets a fair shake. The way Jennifer wears her makeup doesn't really change from interview to red carpet- and I like that. She knows what works for her and never tries to hard.

Jennifer knows what works for her and sticks to it. Her look is what I like to call "me but better" makeup. The perfect trifecta of flawless dewy skin, defined eyes and brows, and a neutral slightly glossy lip:

Here are a few tricks of the trade that make Jen's look:

1. She usually has a nude lip liner and a beigey-pink lip gloss on her lips. The pencil cheats her lip line ever so slightly, making it look fuller. The glossy sheen adds volume and is also more youthful than a matte lipstick.

2. Her skin is always flawless but the texture is never too matte or too dewy, her skin looks like skin but with a healthy glow. Also her peachy-pink flush had a gold shimmer running through it (think Nars Orgasm) so there's no need for highlighter. This keeps it modern but again youthful.

3.  Filled-in defined brows and eye liner on the lash line and water line add the perfect amount of definition. She sometimes changes up the colour, but always has her top waterline filled in, so her lash line always looks thicker.