May 1, 2013

Bridal Beauty Series: Blush


Blush- Your New Best Friend

Any makeup artist will tell you that blush is essential, and if you wear very minimal makeup, wear blush! Blush adds warmth to your complexion, helping you to look fresh and revived.  That being said, blush colour, correct placement and application is important for keeping the makeup modern and youthful. Here are some tips for finding the right blush and where to put it:

Warm Tones

Warm coral/peach tones are universally flattering and work on most skin tones. A pop of bright coral blush is the perfect compliment to bronzer. For pale girls, like Leighton Meester, stick to peachy tones on the apples of the cheeks.  For deeper skin tones, take a cue from Ms. Kardashian and opt for a rich coral shade with gold undertones.
NARS Orgasm Blusher
For a dewy and mostly natural look try cream blush. Creams sink into the skin and blend easily. Warm product on your hand before application.  Keep your foundation brush or a makeup sponge handy to blend away colour around the edges, keeping your colour seamless. For staying power, work a powder blush over top. Layering textures is key to making makeup last and looking fresh and polished. Long-lasting, natural-looking but polished makeup is ideal for any bridal beauty.

Peachy keen

 Cool Tones

Pink flushMichelle is pretty in pinksCate's rosy glow

Again, for the pale girls, cool pink blush instantly wakes up the complexion. If you want to wear minimal makeup on your wedding day, a pink lips and cheeks combo is a great option, demonstrated by the cherub-like Michelle Williams. The blush sits on the apples of her cheeks, blended well, so it is undetectable where the blusher begins or ends. Depending on the texture and your skin type, you may find that your blush disappears after a few hours. If this is you, try out a few different brands. Layering a stain, a cream blush, and (after blending well) add a powder blusher over-top. Remember to keep blush concentrated on the apples of the cheeks, away from your nose and blending slightly upwards. Always start with very little product, blending as you build up the colour.

Blushing beauty

One of my personal favorites is neutral pink blusher. This dusty rose colour looks great on everyone and gives a beautiful feminine flush to the cheeks.

If blush is still confusing to you, just take a look in the mirror after exercise. The colour you naturally flush is the best guide to choosing the right colour. You will be a blushing bridal beauty in no time!

Face Time with Daniela
Daniela is a freelance makeup artist based in Toronto, Canada.