Jul 14, 2013

Bridal beauty Series: Make Your eyes Pop

When it comes to your bridal beauty preparations, consider a feature focus. Playing up your eyes will never fail, and why not make the most of your peepers for the big day? Your to-be spouse will be gazing into them the whole time, and with the right makeup, you can pump it up even more. Here are some tips for making your eye color pop:

For Blue Eyes:

Orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel, so aim for warm shades like corals, copper and rusty browns. Coral lips adds an extra contrast, that will make your baby blues sparkle.

Julianne Hough

For Hazel Eyes:

Bring out the gold and green from your eyes with gunmetal, green- tinged golds and deep blue shades. Warm browns, like espresso and chocolate are perfect neutrals that still let your eyes have centre stage.

Hilary Duff

For Brown Eyes:

Think of midnight blue and violets to make those brown eyes look warm and bewitching. For neutrals, metallic ivory and silver also work well to dress up your eyes for a glamorous affair.

Lea Michele

For Green Eyes:

Red is the opposite of green, so think of red and pink based shades- Cranberry, lilac and caramel browns are rich and ruddy. Plum-tinted mascara will also add contrast and let the green come through.

Emily Blunt

Face Time with Daniela
Daniela is a freelance makeup artist based in Toronto, Canada.