Oct 26, 2014

YouTube: How to Shop A Makeup Tutorial & Not Break the Bank!

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I am guilty of it- watching Lisa Eldridge and wanting to buy every product her magical, golden-ringed fingers touch. If you have not heard of Lisa, please stop reading this and go to her channel now.

From time to time, I do splurge on product, but it is good to know how to reign it in, and shop smart, especially when it comes to makeup. When you are watching beauty videos, it is easy to get swept away, and think, if I had that -VitaLumiere foundation, everything in my life would make sense. Alas, this is probably not the case. So here are some handy tips from an avid watcher of beauty videos:

1. Time Lapse

Take some time away from the video. If you are still thinking about that Oskia Gel Luminizer in a week, than go for it. You have clearly been lusting after it, and when it arrives, trust me, you will not be letting go of it.

2. Shopping Cart Amnesia

Go ahead and fill that shopping cart to the brim. But when you are done, close that tab. Then in a few days or weeks, or when you feel the online shopping bug, go back to that shopping bag. Most sites these days will have saved your cart, especially if you are using the same computer. You will most likely look at that cart and edit it A LOT. That's a good thing. There may only  be 2 or 3 things you really want/need to get, instead of 10 or 12.

3. Use That Search Bar 

If you love a certain makeup/beauty guru, utilize the search bar at the top of their channel (the little magnifying glass). Search for videos using products you already have, that way you will be excited to use those bad boys, and you will be saving $$$ in the process.

To summarize, YouTube can lead to a lot of resourceful knowledge but can also drain your bank account. Take time to decide how to spend your hard earned cash. You can amass a ton of products if you are not careful. Curate a collection you love instead.

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