Apr 23, 2013

Bridal Beauty Series: How To Wear Colour On Your Wedding Day

     Since many brides opt to wear white on their wedding day, what better canvas to add a pop of colour to top off your happy occasion. Colour can instantly lift your mood, and like your sense of smell, can bring together a mood and tone to the theme of your wedding. Colour tells a story; a vivid violet suggests royalty, a deep peacock blue can evoke the exotic, a rich pumpkin signals autumn, and so on. So tell your own story on your big day, letting the beauty of rich vibrant colour fill the room.

Wearing colour is a great way to make a statement and highlight your best features. Here’s a tip: if you have full lips, a ruby or crimson shade could work well on you, especially if you have a deep skin tone. Feeling bold? A teal or violet on the eyes can be very glamorous no to mention eye-catching. See the image gallery below for more inspiration…







So if you are tired of the classic bridal beauty, try the unexpected. A little colour can go a long way to make your wedding vivid and memorable.

Face Time with Daniela
Daniela is a freelance makeup artist based in Toronto, Canada.