Apr 2, 2013

Interview with EG: Makeup Monday

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing with Elizabeth Grant Skincare for their blog. Here is the interview below:

Makeup Monday with Daniela Polla

facetime bio img1)   What makes you love the Beauty Industry?
I love the beauty industry because it encompasses creativity, self-expression and innovation. It brings together science, technology and art in an amazing way. Makeup lets you be creative every day, and with new formulas and forward thinking, there are no limits.

2)   What are your top three products you can’t live without?

An eyelash curler is quintessential. Moisturizer with an SPF is crucial for me, as sun protection is the ultimate in aging prevention.  A lip butter or balm that nourishes dry lips. Healthy skin is so important!

3)   Which regular beauty tips do you offer to your clients? 

Wearing sun protection and exfoliating with a gentle face wash is something I share with all my clients. Another tip, though it may sound dated, is with makeup, less is more. I try to educate my clients that makeup is a tool, and can help to polish and perfect what you already

Daniella 2
4)   What are the most common beauty mistakes that you think people make? 

For me it is all about the skin, I think people choose heavier formulas for foundation than they actually need and the wrong colour. I think if they would invest in a good foundation and colour consultation, they would only need to use foundation in the areas that require coverage. Also, people with blemishes and/or scarring, using powder products that sit on the skin, emphasizing those problem areas. Finally, people with smaller or hooded eyes wearing too much dark liner making their eyes look smaller, especially in the lower waterline.

Liz 15)   What trends do you think are here to stay?

I believe natural, dewy skin is here to stay. Foundation mimicking the natural texture of the skin and the addition of light reflective properties to products will continue. Red lips are timeless and so is the cat-eye flick.

6)   What is your main go-to beauty product? Why? 

An eye lash curler! It really opens up the eyes, and makes you look alive. When you are talking to someone you look at their eyes, why not frame them beautifully?

7)   Do you have any special signature tips or beauty secrets that set you apart?
Not to be intimidated by makeup, it is a tool, but you need to educate yourself. Don’t follow trends; make the most of what you’ve got. Invest in good brushes and take care of them. Less is more; know when to put the brush down. Healthy skin is beautiful.

Bridal Portraits-smaller-1588)   When you are out on the town, what beauty  products are staples in your purse?

I always carry some kind of pigmented lip balm with nourishing properties. Blotting papers are also great to keep in your clutch.

9)   Who is your dream client that you would love to work with?
I think Coco Rocha is a goddess and a chameleon. I also really love Diane Kruger, she can pull off anything!

10)   Describe the most daring look you have created on a client or yourself. 

I created a beautiful masquerade mask on a client and friend. It really felt like I was making art rather than applying makeup. Being free to create something on the contours of a face is amazing.

11)   What was your most disastrous makeup experience? And how did you fix it? 

When I first graduated from makeup school, I did a trial with a bride who was very vague about her makeup preferences. She never wore any makeup and seemed unfamiliar about things like foundation and mascara. She didn’t like anything we tried, and I ended up not booking her. I learned that I can’t please everyone, but it is my job to translate words like “natural” and “not too much” into something visual. I think that is something that comes with experience. I am happy to say that out of all the trials I have done, she is the only bride I haven’t booked. But that experience taught me a valuable lesson, and made me a better makeup artist.

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