Mar 28, 2013

Get the Look: How to Break-down Makeup From Magazines

     Recently, I was inspired by the cover looks of these three lovelies on the cover of InStyle magazine. I was particularly drooling over the gorgeous Ms.Weisz and her makeup confection.  I loved how the warm colours really enhanced the features of her face without looking too done. In order to translate an image you see in print on a real face, you need to have a critical eye. You also need to take into account the amount of Photoshopping that goes into a magazine cover. The third thing is to make the makeup work for your features. Luckily, this is a pretty flattering look for all face shapes and eye shapes. 

When I look at Rachel's makeup, I immediately breakdown the look into parts to make it easier. 
  • Brows: Filled in and extended, quite opaque but follow her natural arch.
  • Lips: A bloom of cool pink on the lips and soft lip liner giving her definition. A touch of highlight in the center lower lip.
  • Face: A full coverage foundation that still lets the skin show through, with her chin, nose, tops of cheekbones, brow bones and forehead highlighted. Nose and cheekbones contoured. Bronzer on the tops of cheeks with a peachy oink flush on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Eyes: Some kind of illuminating concealer under her eyes. A creamy pencil in the lower water line. Black shadow/gel liner on the top lash and water lines. A matte warm medium brown in the crease, and a matte purple blended onto the lid. A peachy matte shadow on the inner corners and underneath the eyes. Black eyeshadow just at the roots of the bottom lashes, for definition.

This makeup is uber flattering because for several reasons:
  • A creamy pencil in the lower waterline opens up the eyes and makes them look bigger. 
  • Lining the upper water line with black or dark brown instantly makes the lashes look fuller.
  •  Full groomed brows finish the look
  • Eyeshadow is pulled straight across from the highest point of Rachel's eyes: 

     This smokey cloud of colour lifts the eye. When the eyeshadow is brought down too low, the eye looks droopy, because it is anchored down by the shadow.Remember to also look at where there is no eye shadow, there is lots of skin showing, keeping the look clean and modern.

     It may seem daunting to think that you can reproduce a makeup look from a magazine, but if you break it down by feature, and look at the shape of the eyeshadow and where there is and isn't colour and shadow. Also take the look with a grain of salt, and remember that every image you see in a magazine-especially the cover, has been digitally enhanced in some way. Lastly, if you have features more similar to Blake Lively or Lucy Liu, start with those.