May 23, 2013

The Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape: A Celebrity Guide

     Like fashion, there are certain silhouettes that are 100 times more flattering than others, depending on your body shape. This idea holds true for makeup as well. Different eye shapes have different needs, and look best when makeup is applied to correct and enhance their natural beauty. If you have almond shaped eyes like Jennifer Lopez, you are one luck girl! This is the "hourglass" of eyes, and you really can pull off any look. If you have more bulbous eyes like Zoey Deschanel, you can wear bold thick liner, and experiment with dark eye shadow colours. If you have smaller, more hooded eyes like Taylor Swift, you can play them up with lighter shades, lashes and work more with your lower lash lines. Once you know your eye shape, you can adapt any look to suit you, and make it the most flattering for you.  
Below are some of what seem to be the more challenging eye shapes; and celebrity examples illustrating beautifying makeup for each one. These are some truly gorgeous ladies, and it goes to show that with the right makeup you can really make the most of what you've got.


Hooded Eyes

Makeup Tips:
  • Keep the inner corners clean, or use an iridescent highlight to open up the eyes.
  • Look straight ahead and do your eye makeup, focus on the space just above your socket line, and your lower lash line. 
  • Lashes on the outer corners will look great on you.
  • Tricky, over done eye makeup just doesn't flatter this eye shape, keep it clean and fresh. 

Down-turned Eyes

Makeup Tips:
  • Use your upper lash line as a guideline, keep shadow inside and blend upwards, rather than out. Never drag your eye shadow down, you will drag your eye down. Stay lifted to keep the eyes open.
  • Iridescent eye shadow in the inner corners help open up the eyes.
  • Curl lashes for extra lift

Protruding Eyes

Makeup Tips:
  • Focus on the outer two-thirds of your eye
  • Black liner on your upper and lower waterlines looks great on this eye shape. Liner on the inner tear duct creates more of an angle, helping to elongate the eyes
  • A cat eye effect- eye shadow elongated on the outer corners, looks great. Long outer lashes add to the effect.