Jul 22, 2013

Face Off- The Illusion of Age

Everybody loves a makeover, and many celebrities are as famous for their transformations and timeless beauty as they are for their films, sitcoms, or albums. We look forward to behold what the next "look" will be for stars who love to reinvent themselves, applaud when the new look is successful, and gasp when it goes utterly wrong. Makeup plays the ultimate role in deceiving and delighting the eye. The images below demonstrate that we have come a long way from the matte, chalky, full coverage makeup of the nineties to a natural glamour that  is very complimentary to a woman's face. The more modern looks share some commonalities that any gal can incorporate into her own makeup routine:

- Dark, matte lipstick (especially with a light skin tone) is difficult to pull off-stick to a shade close to your natural lip colour. When a young woman like Emma Watson wears a dark lip, the lipstick is all you see. Similar to wearing nude pumps to extend your leg line, a pinky-nude shade (a shade closer to your skin tone) with some iridescence will flatter and enhance fullness.

- Warm tones are your friend-but resist a heavy application of bronzer! Choosing foundation, concealer, and blush colours from a warmer colour range will give you the desired effect. Always match your chest to your face!

Last but certainly not least, a manicured brow that is slightly extended at the tail will keep you looking fresh and modern. If you start to fear that you are over tweezing, you probably are! Impeccable brows are difficult to maintain, but worth the time and effort.

Debra Messing in 1996                                          Debra Messing in 2002

Jennifer in 1992                                                           Jennifer in 2007

Marisa in 1992                                                             Marisa in 2002