Apr 23, 2014

Airbrush Makeup- Do or Don't?


 There are a lot of beauty myths out there. As a makeup artist, working with and testing lots of different products, I can confidently state that there is way too much makeup in the world, and that will not change. I can advise and guide my clients in the right direction, which is why I am writing this article about airbrushing.

As part of my schooling I took a course where I learned about the tools and techniques involved in the process of airbrushing. Although I took the course, I choose to work
with liquid and cream foundations. Foundation lays the base for colour on the face, it is the canvas from which I work, and, let's face it,  good-looking skin is at the top of most people's list, as well it should be. Some of these reasons relate more to brides and wedding makeup, but there is a general theme that I hope shines through.

Here is a breakdown of why I choose not to airbrush:

  1. Not a Second Skin
    Being a makeup artist, for me, is very tactile. Small amounts of liquid or cream foundation are blended and buffed into the skin to form a second skin, fading imperfections and redness. With airbrushing, makeup is dispersed in a stream on top of the skin. Because of the human hand behind the airbrush stream, some areas may not be as even as others. there's no going in to smooth things out either.

  2. Flat and Unnatural
    A wash of the same tiny particles of the same colour across the face evens out the natural planes and contours of the face. This can render the skin to look very "flat" in photographs and unnatural. There is no "no-makeup" look with airbrushing, people will see it right away.
  3. You Should Look Recognizable To further drive home #2, airbrushing can almost work too well. You may find that you look unrecognizable- especially if you do not wear a lot of makeup day to day. Now, I just want to say right now that everyone has their own ideas about "what looks good." But you should always look like yourself. My philosophy is that makeup should enhance, not distract or wipe away your unique features.

  4. Continuity
    This is mostly for weddings, but it can look a little odd if you have cartoon like skin and your groom does not. Continuity in pictures is important, and something to think about.
  5.  Imperfections Deter the Process Any type of peach fuzz, wrinkles, dryness or patchiness can defeat the airbrush, it is not a fix-all, it has limitations, and these are some of them.
  6. Sweat and Wetness Airbrush makeup is difficult to touch-up. Perspiration and tears is not a friend to airbrushing. Everyone's body chemistry is different and stress can affect us differently.
  7. Industry Advancements
    Liquid foundation technology is always changing. There are far far more brands, companies and conglomerates researching  and innovating towards better liquid foundations- there is just more money in it. Wouldn't you rather benefit from all that technology and research?

    Airbrush Makeup:
 Normal Makeup: