Mar 10, 2015

Product Review: Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF15

I think the best thing about this foundation is the packaging. I love a good pump, and this one works in the same way the Make Up For Ever HD foundations do, pushing product from the bottom up. Other than that, it was really a miss for me. The biggest issues I had were:

Dry Texture: this foundation may work for someone with oily skin, but I just found it drying.

Difficult To Blend: I like to really buff my foundation, and I found this one impossible to blend out and look natural.

Thick Almost Grainy-like Feel: when I blended the foundation with my fingertip it didn't feel moisturizing at all, it is very pigmented, but not in a good way. The pigment is too opaque, so your skin doesn't look like skin. Also, the colour sat in my fingertips and emphasized every line, which I have never seen happen before.

Chalky Finish: I found the finish really unnatural looking. There was no glow to my skin at all. My skin looked dehydrated and mask-like.

Overall, I would pass on this foundation. At $42 CAD, comparable to Dior, Clinique and other higher end brands, spend your money and time elsewhere.