Jul 25, 2015

First Impressions & Review: Viseart Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Sturdy thick plastic houses these matte eye shadows. The clear front of the case is great and doesn't leave any fingerprints ( a pet peeve of mine). The closure is secure and snaps shut- always a great feature with palettes or compacts.

This palette is surprisingly small and compact! Great for professionals, as you can use these shades for eyes, brows and contour. Also great for personal use as it will not take up a lot space in your travel beauty bag. Upon receiving it I was a little taken aback at the size, considering it does retail for $80 CAD at Sephora.  But I got over the initial shock of the size. I think we are getting used to over sized palettes (like the Urban Decay Naked series) that are more packaging than anything else.

What You Get (And Don't!)
12 buttery matte eye shadows live inside this palette. The box says that they work wet and dry, but I haven't tried them wet yet. There is a range of warm and cool neutrals, but no black. These are surprisingly smooth and silky, not patchy or chalky. The texture is really beautiful and you can really see and feel the quality.

After Using It A While...

I will have to report back on this one. I can tell from the texture and range of colours that I will get A LOT of use out of this in my pro kit. If it was just for personal use, I would say you have to love matte eye shadows, but overall it is a fantastic palette that is really versatile and travel friendly.

I would re-purchase, yes. I do think it is worth the money, mainly for it's kit value. It definitely beats out the Tartlette palette, and I would not have had the need to purchase that palette if I had pulled the trigger on the Viseart earlier. Live and learn I guess!